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Tina trained my puppy when she was 8 months old. She taught her (and I) how to walk on a leash and obey simple commands. I couldn't have done it without her! I liked her flexible scheduling options and her fees were very reasonable. I only wish I lived closer to take advantage of her dog walking services!

Tina is a consummate professional and an old soul with a soft heart who really understands dogs. My dog took to her right away. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for someone to help them train their dog the right way - with positive reinforcement, love and patience.

Tina has done a great job training my young St Bernard. This dog now responds well to commands and walks on a leash with no problems. With a dog this size it was very important that he be well trained. He also gets along well with people, children and other dogs. Tina is a very caring professional who enjoys working with animals. I would highly recommend her.

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About Polite Paws Dog Training

Having a dog is one of life’s best experiences and can bring great joy to you and your family. However, without proper training the rewards of being a dog owner cannot be fully realized. A dog does not automatically know how to live in a human environment and it is up to their owner to teach him/her acceptable behavior.

My Training Philosophy

I am committed to helping dog owners build strong, happy relationships with their dogs. This relationship is built on trust, positive interactions, consistency, patience and leadership. When you are a strong, dependable, and non-confrontational leader your dog will be relaxed with a strong desire to please you.

This can be accomplished with positive reinforcement – a fun and rewarding way to train your dog. I do NOT believe in using force or harsh methods to get results. The use of harsh methods can in fact cause aggression, fearfulness or other unwanted behaviors.

In-home Training Sessions

In-home training can provide many benefits that you cannot get in a group class setting. In the comfort of your own home, you and your dog receive one-on-one attention without distractions.

Training conducted in your everyday environment also allows your dog to learn in a place that he is familiar with and consistency can be easily enforced. Together, we can design a training program that works best for you and at a pace that is comfortable.













Training Programs:

Basic Obedience Training - $425 (Each additional dog is $75) 

Basic obedience training consists of 5 sessions where the dog will learn basic cues such as: sit, down, stay, come and leash walking. Also, for puppies’ any issues such as housebreaking, nipping/mouthing etc., will be addressed. 

Obedience Reinforcement - $90 per session or 3 sessions $255

This is for the dog who has already had some basic obedience but just needs additional reinforcement for certain cues. 

Behavior Modification - $90 per session (requires an initial consultation $75)

Behavior Modification is whatever you as the owner finds problematic. Once the issue is evaluated an appropriate treatment plan will be put into place. Behavior problems include but are not limited to: Jumping, puppy nipping/mouthing, excessive barking, pulling on leash etc. 

Service Areas:

 Norwood Park, Jefferson Park, Edison Park, Park Ridge, Skokie, Niles, Park Ridge and some surrounding areas. 

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